Premiere music programs

for Preschool, Transitional K, Kindergarten though 5th grades, 6th grade instrument lessons


Preschool Licenced Program Music Together

Licensed T-K Program (in school) The Music Class

Kodaly Music Education for K-5th featuring Note Reading, Rhythm Reading & Singing, Light Choreography

Including Story Thru Song – Exposure to a Variety of Musical Styles and Corresponding Movement and Dance

Including Music History, Music Appreciation & Social Study Tie-Ins

Instrument Lessons, on-campus, during and after school

For children entering 3rd, 4th and continuing 5th graders – Weekly Recorder Lessons

For children entering 6th grade – Weekly Ukelele Lessons

For children ages 7 & Up – Licensed Piano Program–Simply Music Piano Method–Play Piano in Multiple Styles

Optional On-Campus Choir

Before or After-School, Weekly Choral Music, Recommended for 2nd-5th or 3rd-6th Grades

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